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josh da funky1 ?


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Hey is this guy still around I remember in 2002 he was touring alot and I was enjoying oh so much , anyone know whats going on with , well any of the chicago DJ 's taht used to be around every few months???
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comma splice

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well his site:


gets updated pretty often. it seems that it is under construction again. it does mention that there is a new house funktion out, which is great news, 3 and 4 were fantastic.


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5 has been out since last year.

i brought him to Indy in October to a
free show... he's such a cool guy...
and super duper fly, too.... doesn't
talk much, tho.

i'm gonna go hear him in Columbus OH
Saturyda night, actually.

i prefer his chicago house stuff mixed
with some breaks rather than when he
includes bullshit hardhouse with his sets...

... but that's just me.
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nice, too bad I won't be there till april.
Bah another good night missed. but oh well playing in the mountains has its benifits too. Ohh powder days.