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Jose Zaragoza - Return Of The Jack Volume 2

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by Manipulated, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Manipulated

    Manipulated TRIBE Member

    It’s that time again, Jose Zaragoza brings us a new mix for the summer, and does he bring it – version 2 of Return Of The Jack. wait to you hear this one. It has a bit of everything: Jackin’, Funky, Techy, Disco, Vocal, Latin, and a bit of Electro House Music. Also Included in the mix are three tracks that will be released on the Deep Hype Sounds Label later in the year. We hope that you enjoy this mix, and pass it around to your friends. The Jack is Back, and believe us when we say this, you won’t be able to help yourself but dance once you start listening to Jose’s Mix.
    Track List and link to the mix is down below. Click on mix to listen, or right click to save to your computer. Enjoy

    You can either click on link to listen, or you can go on the deephypesounds.com site to download it to your computer

    Jose Zaragoza | Deep Hype Sounds

    Track List
    Martinez – Memorial – The Paradigm Shift
    Jose Zaragoza – Freak Out – Deep Hype Sounds (Release September 2010)
    Jesse Rivera – Feel Good Lovin You – Deep Hype Sounds (Release August 2010)
    Carl Kennedy & Tommy Trash Featuring Rosie Henshaw – Blackwater – Subliminal Sessions
    Tive – B22 – Fairlads Digital
    Hardsoul – NRG – Hardsoul Pressing
    Jon Flores & Ivan Pica – Just Believe – Im Vueling To Ibiza
    Peven Everett – Stuck – Soul Heaven
    Jose Zaragoza Featuring Mizza – Walk With Me – Deep Hype Sounds (Release September 2010)
    Crazibiza – Spinning – A State Of House
    Hardwell – Feel So High Featuring I-Fan – Spinnin Records
    Erick Morillo – Live Your Life – Subliminal Sessions
    Mendo – Atalaya – Get Physical
    Livio & Roby – Grand Final – Fumakilla
    Luis Groove – Eolica – Lowpitch
    FunkAgenda – AfterClube – Tool Room
    Jose Nunez – Dance Again -Subliminal Sessions
    Mowgli – London To Paris – Nu Skool
    CJZ – It’s All Gone Banana’s – CubeTip Records

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