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Jose Zaragoza - Return Of The Jack April Mix

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by Manipulated, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Manipulated

    Manipulated TRIBE Member

    Return Of The Jack is right!!! Jose Zaragoza brings it strong on first mix of 2010. Talk about a heater, this one has a lot of everything. From the moment you push play, you wont be able to control yourself from dancing as Jose seemlessly moves from mellow souful tech house, to jacking house, funky vocal house and finally to the big room techno/house sounds that he’s know for!!!
    Trust us, push play, and let the sounds take you where they will. Jose includes two tracks off the deep hype sounds label on the mix, “Bumpity”, and his new track “You Feel That” which is being played by some big dj’s at the moment. Enjoy the new mix, The Jack has Return… Click on link below to listen or download

    Click the link below to listen or right click it to download the mix.

    Jose Zaragoza | Return of The Jack

    Jose Zaragoza - Return Of The Jack Mix
    Patch Park – 7 Miles – Tools For School
    Patrick Di Stefano – Mochican And Goldchains – La Dora
    Doomwork – Groovin feat. Valentine – Groovin
    Kasper BJ – Alcatraz – Alcatraz
    Oxia – Whole Life – Sun Step EP
    Robert Dietz – Departure – Halo EP
    Tyler Brunton – Never Sleep – Never Sleep
    Giuseppe Cennamo – Bolivian – El Gitano Part 1
    Nick Curly – Say Something – Series 1.1
    Mendo – Esperenza – Jubilee EP
    Livio & Roby – Morning Express – Part 3
    Jose Zaragoza – Bumpity – Deep Hype Sounds
    Jose Zaragoza – You Feel That – Deep Hype Sounds
    From P60 – Realize – Realiez Remixes
    Sugar Freak – Music Change My Life – Music
    Mike Cortez & Poldee featuring Elena Isakova – Are You Adult Enough -Are You Adult Enough?
    Pitto – Feeling – Feeling Remixes
    CocoBongo – Burning Sunshine – Ten4Ten
    Muza Yazuka – Latin Hustler – Latin Hustler
    Alex Metric – It Starts -It Starts Remixes
    Mauro Picotto – Love Message -Love Message
    Nic Fanciulii & Steve Mac – 20 – Ovum

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