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Jose Zaragoza - JZ Music Vol.1 with guest Jesse Rivera


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Jose Zaragoza - JZ Music Show Vol. 1 with Special Guest Jesse Rivera by Jose Zaragoza | Mixcloud

Jose Zaragoza is back with a new show, and new format that includes a guest mix from Deep Hype Sounds label owner Jesse Rivera. Jose includes music from Coyu, Lenny Fontana, Jesse Rivera, Hilario V, Vitor Saguanza, and so many more.

The Style is deep tech, funky house house with a big sounds. This one is made for the main dance floor! Check it out!!

Chris Lorenzo - Body Low
Velkro & Facing Odds - Bonkers
Jose Zaragoza - We Took It Down
Jose zaragoza - I Feel the night
Ramiro Lopez & Coyu - That's not happening
Vitor Saguanza - Golden Key
Sean Smith - Jackers Anthem
Hilario V - Dazs
Sev Santiago - Around the clock
Doug warden - swing a do
Jesse rivera - Anwhere but here
Jose Zaragoza - oh my baby
Lenny Fontana & Marcus Knight - I'm So High
The cube guys & Prok & fitch - Don't go
Division 4 - soul groove