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Jose Zaragoza & Jesse Rivera new release on DHS

Discussion in 'House Room' started by Manipulated, May 1, 2010.

  1. Manipulated

    Manipulated TRIBE Member

    Jesse Rivera, Jose Zaragoza - Super Fresh Spring Sampler - Traxsource.com - the best House Music WAV and MP3 downloads

    DHS Is proud to present our new release : Super Fresh Spring Sampler. Another hot EP of Jackin, Tech, and Latin influenced house. Click On Links to listen to our new music, enjoy and buy some great house music!!! Available exclusively @ traxsource until may 23rd, then world wide after that. Support the house scene.

    Jose Zaragoza -Chicago Is Where Im From
    Thinking warehouse party in Chicago, your half way there. Jose hits the right note with this one, bringing his jackin dirty sounds on this one. Jacking beats, big bassline, little vocal snippets, and the rights sounds to make you dance. You want to breakdance, you want to jack your body, take a listen and you’ll see why Chicago Is Where this is from…

    Jose Zaragoza – You Feel That
    Is it Rock, or House, You decide. Right out the gate Jose layers a chugging rock guitar, haunting vocal snippets provided by Mizza, and upfront beats that make this one a big room party starter. “You Feel That” chugs along at a nice pace, as it builds and builds as you ask for more… It delivers after the build up, as Mizza asks, You Feel That:: as you say YOU KNOW I DO!! Heater for the dance floor.

    Jesse Rivera – Mueve
    A prefect track to bring in the Spring season, Mueve is a loungy latin rhythm with an explosive bassline. Hints of the 70’s echo throughout this suave house track creating the perfect combination of latin, funk, and lounge.

    Jesse Rivera – Thank Funk Vibe
    Filtered sounds resonate throughout the simplistic beat and funky bassline of this groove. Vocal snippets glide throughout energizing and contributing to that funk vibe.

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