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Jose Zaragoza - Ibiza Spotlight 2014 DJ Competition


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My good friend, Jose Zaragoza is in a contest right now. Please take a listen to the mix, and if you like it. Favor it on mixcloud. It's a good one. Thanks

Click on link below to listen:
Ibiza Spotlight 2014 DJ Competition - Jose Zaragoza by Jose Zaragoza | Mixcloud

1.Whatever U Like byKolombo
2.Who's The Chosen byStefano Ritteri
3.Crossfade (Maceo Plex remix) byGusgus
4.Father Speech byGeorge Morel
5.Give Me Body Featuring Me byNicole Moudaber
6.Atalaya byMendo & Danny Serrano
7.20% byNic Fanciulli & Steve Mac
8.Occluded byAlexi Delano
9.Lazer Beams byGreen Velvet & Harvard Bass
10.Minitaka byGreen Velvet & Saso Recyd
11.Toys byMarco Lys
12.Freaks On The Floor byPHNTM
13.100% sure byUmek
14.Kuzla Prevarantska byUmek
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