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Jose Zaragoza - Futuristic Friday's House Show 009


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Jose Zaragoza is back with episode #9. On this new one, Jose brings the deep house sound with a lot of deep tech flavor and booty shacking big room tunes, to make the dance floor sweat!

Click On Link Below to listen:
Jose Zaragoza - Futuristic Friday House Show 009 - YouTube

16 bit lolitas - different light, same window
sean smith - exotic erotic
louie gomez - say it
supernova - last night in ny
loco dice - detox
benoit & sergio - boy trouble
louie gomez - love wasted (jose zaragoza remix)
m.in & chris vogt - with n egg
dream awaken - 8 bit in a bit
hot since 82 - don't be afraid
todd terry - bounce to the beat
round table knihgts - so good
mihalis safras - second coming
harvard bass - plex
david amo - this is true house
fisher & fiebak - just a little bit
martin damen - u turn me on
tonny san - the summer came
digitalism - encore
jose zaragoza - we're on it
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