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Jose Zaragoza - Futuristic Friday's House Show 007


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Click On Link Below To Here The Mix:
Jose Zaragoza - Futuristic Friday House Show 007 - YouTube

Jose Zaragoza brings it on episode #7, of Futuristic Friday House Show. On this one, Jose highlights Deep Hype Sounds new sampler, with all 9 tracks off the sampler on the new show. Take a listen, you won't be disappointed!!!
Louie Gomez - I Got Dat House
Reza Ecilo - Treasures
Jesse Rivera - Take Me Away
Nic James - Pages
Elio Munoz - One In A Million
Paul Woodhouse - Glassback
Alex Grandy - Passion
Rampa - Enemy
Jose Zaragoza - Fonky
Reece Johnson - Open Fire
Unknown Artist - S2 Untitled 1
Jose Zaragoza - The Glass Is Always Full
Sante - Mothership
Red & B. Jinx - Dust Spell
Nico & Solveg - Make Me Higher
Go Bizkitt - Free
Mike Vale - Symphony
Parov Stelar - The Snake
Iban Reus - Crazy Circus
Tony Smart - Sex With Robots
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