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Jose Zaragoza - Futuristic Friday's House Show 004


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Click On Link Below:
Jose Zaragoza - Futuristic Friday House Show 004 - YouTube

Episode four of Jose Zaragoza. Futuristic Friday House Show. After the first three shows charted in the top 100, Jose comes back with another hot one!

Riva Starr - Absence
Locked Groove - Night Time At The Garage
Betoko - Set My Soul On Fire
Louie Gomez - The Chicago House Tribe
Jimpster - These Times
Benoit & Sergio - Bridge So Far
DJ Eq & Coeur D'amour - All Is Love
Andre Crom - Body Dreamin
Chiqito - Gangbang
Jose Zaragoza - Get Up
Hermanez - Plastic Confidence
Steve Lawler - Distrait
Alin Prada & Tavo - The Real Thing
Louie Gomez - This Is the underground (Jose Zaragoza Freaked Out Remix)
Green Velvet - Skeleton Key
Justice - On And On
PHNTM - Mark My Words