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Jose Zaragoza - Futuristic Friday's House Show 003


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Episode three of Jose Zaragoza. Futuristic Friday House Show. First I want to thank everyone for helping the first two chart in the beatport top 100 mixes!!!
Futuristic Friday is a show to showcase the sounds of Jose Zaragoza. Every week, there will be something new from Jose, new sounds, new production, new direction. Make sure to subscribe to the youtube channel, where you can catch his show every friday.

Get It exclusively on Beatport without interruptions or words at a better sound quality:
Jose Zaragoza - Futuristic Friday 003 - Beatport Mixes

Full Tracklist @: Jose Zaragoza - Futuristic Friday 003 - Beatport Mixes
Tempo: 126 BPM

You Listen To It Here:
Jose Zaragoza - Futuristic Friday House Show 003 - YouTube