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Jose Zaragoza - Futuristic Friday's House Show 001


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Jose Zaragoza - Futuristic Friday House Show 001: Jose Zaragoza - Futuristic Friday House Show 001 - YouTube via @youtube

The start of a new project for Jose Zaragoza. Futuristic Friday is a show to showcase the sounds of Jose Zaragoza. Every week, there will be something new from Jose, new sounds, new production, new direction. Make sure to subscribe to the youtube channel, where you can catch his show every friday.

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Jose Zaragoza - Futuristic Friday 001 - Beatport Mixes

Full Tracklist @: Jose Zaragoza - Futuristic Friday 001 - Beatport Mixes

Tempo: 126 BPM

Tech House
Progressive House
Deep House

Jose Zaragoza has continued the long line of talented party rockers that Chicago has brought to the world. Jose knows how to rock a crowd with his funky filtered, disco influenced, soulful, up-tempo tech-house sound. His passion for music pushes him to stretch all boundaries of house music, and he rips right through it with love, devotion and dedication.
Since 1987, Jose's love affair with house music has grown from house parties to traveling the globe, and he has played with many of the greatest DJ's in the scene. Jose became a promoter in 06' and has put on many shows in Chicago and Miami (Winter Music Conference), as well as promoting his "Thursday Night Sessions" at Smart Bar, where he has booked some of the biggest talent in the dance scene. Jose has also had articles and stories about his music in magazines and newspapers (Mixer Magazine, Klublife, Tribe, Nocturnal, Muzik, Ottawa Express, The Coast, M8, International DJ, BPM, Urb, 5mag, Rey Eye to name a few.

Futuristic Friday House Show is brought to you by Jose Zaragoza (Chicago, Illinois).

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