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Jose James at Revival

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by erika, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    This guy is in a league/genre all his own, one that I would call crooner hip-hop.
    In terms of style, think pretty boy hipster hip-hop, those faded hot-pink suede high-tops with the skinny dark jeans, black t-shirt and short sleeve shirt, requisite hat.

    In terms of vocal style, more like cross Nat King Cole and someone more soulful, with a pinch of Ella thrown in for the scat.

    His trio was good, the 5 string bass made that more interesting, but not in his league (or perhaps it was the orchestration): some of the solos were longer than they needed to be, feeling a bit thin at times.
    Keyboards were interesting, sometimes reminiscent of Chick Corea circa Return to Forever, but then I craved that richness.

    A muffled trumpet like the one played the night before at Nocturne would have complemented things nicely.

    Having said that, great great gig. A man who starts by asking the bar to "turn off the videos please - we don't need that stripping stuff" immediately scores BIG points.

    When he proceeds to look and shuffle and strut and sing and scat beats like that, yeow! He can run his fingers up and down me any time ;)
  2. mrtunes

    mrtunes TRIBE Member

    nice review - i can imagine you really appreciated that warning from the performer.

    i must say though: i wouldn't have a problem with all that video recording if people actually posted their clips online.

    i find that even for a major show there is about one or two clips posted. depending on the event of course.
  3. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    non non! he wasn't talking about people recording him - there were several and you can probably find them online today. He was referring to the screens above the bar that had generic writhing chicks on them.
  4. mrtunes

    mrtunes TRIBE Member

    oh haha!
  5. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    still trying to find the Benga influence from that tune he did and deduction, it's the drummer's fault.

    Jose otherwise, was spectacular. Maybe it was the Jameson on the rocks that ensured it would be a good show. He picks his notes like his voice is a trumpet. Very talented young fellow

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