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Jorun Bombay


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DJ/Producer/Rapper from Hali(fax). It's not a bad CD ... not great, but not bad either. The production feels dated but warm, and the variety of MCs is nice to keep things moving. It has honesty and a sense of hunger, but also a bit too much "underground gloss" and even ... complacency (sometimes, not always).

Anyone know anymore about this guy? There are rumours that he had some falling out with Buck 65 and Sixtoo, but I don't know much about it. Jorun is alot more conventional hiphop than the other two guys though, a radically different sound than Buck 65 and Sixtoo.

Overall I'm glad I downloaded it, but can't really recommend it above other recent hiphop albums by veterns like MURS & 9th, or striking stuff like the Ghislain Poirer album.
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hehe-the infamous Haltown Rap Beef. Those guys put that thing to sleep a long time ago but the quality of these 3 guys shows what went on in the Halifax rap scene for a long time. I have not heard the album but Jorun has been doing it forever, he's a huge crate digger and (along with the Sebutones) influenced a whole generation of artists from Haltown.