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Jonathan Lisle Top 20 - New Show


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Hey Guys

Thought i'd let you all know in advance that Jonathan Lisle will be a new monthly resident on Proton Radio starting very soon!
For his first show he's gonna drop his ALL TIME top 20 followed by a special guest mix!!! WOOO!! This will NOT be a show to miss!

Here's the List:
20 Man Machine: Step Into Time
19 Rabbit in the Moon: Waiting For The Night
18 Massive Attack: Safe From Harm
17 Kruder + Dorfmeister: K+D Sessions LP (track Im playing: Depeche Mode- Useless (k+d mix)
16 Voices of Africa- Hoomba Hoomba (Full Vocal Boiling mix)
15 Shara Nelson- Nobody
14 Suzuki K1- Sattelite Serenade (Orb mix)
13 Orange Lemon- Dreams of St Anna
12 Massive Attack- Mezzanine LP (track Im playing: Rising Son)
11 Banco De Gaia- Maya LP
10 Anthony White- I Cant Forget You (Fathers of Sound remix)
9 FSOL- Papua New Guinea (mix Im playing: Translations 'Papsico', 2001)
8 Young American Primitive: YAP LP (track Im playing- Reality of Nature)
7 William Orbit- Water From a Vine Leaf (underworld mix)
6 Aphex Twin: Windowlicker
5 The Grid: Floatation
4 Leftield: Leftism LP (track Im playing: Original)
3 FSOL: Cascade
2 KLF: Chillout LP
1 Orbital: Belfast

Here's what he has to say about it himself:


Great things coming.. that's all I gotta say! You just wait!

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