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Jonathan Lisle- DJ Mag cover CD

jonathan lisle

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if anyone wants a copy of the cover CD I did for DJ Mag please feel free to email me at jon_lisle@hotmail.com

dj mag wrote an article called the 'art of modern mixing' about this cd

hope u like it. here is the track list:

01. Jonathan Lisle- Intro (featuring sasse feat. Kiki - Loosing Touch (Alex Kid Mix) [Moodmusic] ,AM/PM - No Matter Whether [Dreck], Smash TV - Earth B Pitch and additional keyboards)
02. Marc Romboy - Model 1601 [Systematic]
03. Kero - Drop (Lowfish Killed & Rekilled Remix) [Detroit underground]
04. Goldfish & Der Dulz - Privacy (Patrick Chardronnet Mix) [Boxer Records]
05. Smash TV - Earth [Bpitch control]
06. Shane Berry - To There [Trapez]
07. Stephan Bozin - Caligula [Systematic]
08. Teka - W.A.N.A (Mike Monday Remix) [Player paraddise]
09. Carl Craig - Darkness (Darkness Mix) [Planet E]
10. F.E.O.S vs MSO - Further & Furher [Level Non-Zero]
11. Trentmoller - Seredipity PT2 [Tic Tac Toe]
12. Kiki - Sirus [BPitch control]


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Hey Jon

Nice to see you again around here - there are a bunch of us here who are big fans of your work. Just a word to the wise, generally posts without mixes linked in them will get deleted around here (see the rules in the stickied thread up top), so if this thread disappears that's why. Otherwise you might wish to make a downloadable mp3 available.


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Man. That F.E.O.S vs MSO track kicks ass. I heard it first time in a villalobos set. I love the old skool feel of it.


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been a fan for a while.. got a bunch of old mixes of yours from someone in Toronto that you knew a while back.

definitely would like to give this a listen!


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Very nice to see you here - welcome! And thanks for offering us your mix.

p.s. when are you coming back to Toronto? ;)
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jon man, that bedrock warmup set of yours that floated around a couple years ago didn't leave my cd player for months. still sits as an all time fave of mine.

thanks for the dj mag heads up!