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Jon Tremblay "the Haunted" mixed November 2013

Jon Tremblay

TRIBE Member
Hey what's up tribers, here's the mix I posted on my soundcloud in November that just past. It's got some good pace to it from beginning to end.

Please enjoy, if you like what you hear, please share.

Track listing (Artist, Track, Label)

Henry Saiz - Fill me up feat. Cornelia (Edu Imbernon mix) - Natura Sonoris
Von Spar - Jon Voight (John Tejada mix) - Areal
Mind Against - Oracle - Life and death
Kalden Bess - Snow White - Ground Factory
Cari Lekebusch - Zylopeggiator - Drumcode
Joel Mull - Track of the Night - Last Night on Earth
Sian - Purple Bang ( Carlo Lio mix) - Octopus Records
Jewel Kid - Debt Collector - Suara
Jesper Dahlback, ADJD, Alexi Delano - Mad Man Shouts International Sound Library
Funk D'Void - Shadowchaser - Outpost
Henry Saiz - They Came from the Light (Guy J mix) - Natura Sonoris
Blond:ish, Climbers - Town Joker (Philip Bader and Nicone mix) - Get Physical
Timo Maas - The Hunted feat. James Lavelle - Rockets and Ponies

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