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Jon Stewart on Larry King

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in enjoyed the show too. I especially liked the part where he asked King "ARE YOU INSANE???"

Larry King has the worst laugh ever!!


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that was awesome last night. Sooo funny.

He has a great delivery where he totally pans the caller, making jokes and whatnot, but then gives really solid answers too! His humour further highlights some of the absurdity of the events he's commenting on (ie Cheney shooting that guy)


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I think it was a very good interview as well - not so many fireworks as he clearly has respect for King as a journalist, unlike Tucker Carlson who also wears a bowtie but only does so to look like Larry King.

It was a good conversation and really, he was there to promote the Oscars, plus a little bit for his voice-overs for that animated kids' movie - which he didn't seem to proud of, actually. Carlson's show he wasn't there to promote anything so he was free to go nuts.
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