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Jon O'Bir Canadian Debut


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Its finally happenig!! This kid blows me away!

If anyone hasn't heard of him, he's an up and comer from the UK, well if a gatecrasher resident counts as an up and comer. ANyway, hes making major waves over in the UK and he's only 20. Now he's coming to Cananda and I'm defantely pumped up about it.

If anyone is interested, there should be some mixes to download on his website, which I believe is just jonobir.com. Oh, and the date is March 4th.

:D :D :D
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No worries. And for another shameless plug I will recommend mixes by a cool Dj going by the name of NuEra. heard some of his stuff and thought it was quite good.



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Jon O'bir should put on a great show. I've only heard a couple of his sets, but Mixmag always speaks highly of him, and I put all of my faith in Mixmag. :)

Seriously though, kudos to Temporal Rhythm for debuting yet another talented overseas DJ in Canada. Keep up the good work!
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I'm there.
His mix is what got me through 26 hours of driving last saturday /sunday. (well that and some supped up diet pills) ;)


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I think he played in Vancouver already....

but ya, big hype about this guy. Haven't heard his sets yet, but he must be doing something right to be that big without having any productions or anything under his belt.