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Jon O'Bir at sound emporium !


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To put it simply there is a new face to trance music and his name is Jon O'Bir. This kid rocked the new style of epic goodness track after track. I found myself wondering why I kept getting surprised (in a good way) by practically the enitire set. Then I quickly realized Jon was playing the majority of his set from unrealeased tracks and cdr's. Any one who says trance has had its day and has become to predictable, I say to them you haven't heard the new wave being played by a few select dj's.
I got to the club at 12 to find the place near empty which was a bit disapointing at first but wasn't going to ruin my first night back out in a while. Then again it was a thursday, so I'm not really sure what I was expecting in the first place.
Sean Crawford was playing some decent tracks at the time we got there. He didn't seem to be into his music at all during any point in his set and the mixing showed it a bit further at times. Then again with only a handful of people to play for it might have been a bit of a let down. After about 3 tracks things slowed down and I lost my interest fast. It wasn't until Sean's last 2 tracks that I got back on my feet and moved back out the dance floor.
Jon O'Bir came on to the decks at 1:40am and at this point I turned around and was shocked to see a packed club. From here the rest of the night only went straight up hill. I couldn't even spot a few of the mixes due to how well there were put together and melodies had my smiling from the frist track till his last at 4am.
At this point in the night it was time for me to call it a night.
I serious hope that we will be seing a lot more of Jon in the near future. Everyone who wasn't there missed one of the most amazing trance sets of the year.

It was really nice to meet dEsidEL and to get a chance to party Nu Era again.
Thanks T.R. for bringing him over. I had a blast.
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