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Jokes about head go in here


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Too many opportunities not to post this one.


LONGUEUIL, Que. — A family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of a woman’s head after it was cut off as the corpse lay in a funeral home.

The incident occurred last July when someone made off with Cecile Lemay’s head from the funeral parlour in Boucherville, just south of Montreal.

Several of Lemay’s relatives held a news conference on Wednesday to give details of the gruesome tale.

Alain Ouellette, whose 63-year-old mother Ghyslaine is Lemay’s sister, said the family can’t understand why someone would have committed such a horrible act.

“She was such a good person,” Ouellette said of his aunt. “Everybody loved her. So that’s something unimaginable. You cannot think that something like this would happen to a lady like this.”

While the family wants the head returned, Ouellette doesn’t want any surprises.

“The police told us the head can be kept in the freezer for a lifetime,” he said.

Every morning we wake up and we say “Where is the head?” said 63-year-old Ghyslaine Lemay, a sister of Cecile Lemay whose family has lived in torment ever since the bizarre incident.

“We don’t want the head back for the head. We just want to make sure we won’t, especially my mom at her age, find it in front of her door in the morning.”

The family said police asked them last summer not to speak publicly about the incident.

Police said they are still investigating but are no further advanced than they were last year.

Windows at the funeral home were smashed shortly before the mutilation.
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dam you! *shakes fist*

I thought this was going to be about Bobo,BJ, cock gobblers, etc, etc


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ChrisD said:
dam you! *shakes fist*

I thought this was going to be about Bobo,BJ, cock gobblers, etc, etc

I'm sure at some point during her 63 years she knocked back a trouser-snake or two....
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dig this

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wtf... who was this girl that gets windows smashed at her funeral & her head cut off?

How, as a funral home, tell a family that the corpes head has gone missing?


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Ew. Do you think that's what they're using it for?
Either way , the family is really losing thier head over this. ch33se
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so this blonde i know bought a new car.

"how's it for headroom?' i asked.

she told me it didn't have tilt steering.
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