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JoJo Flores - Montreal Deep 23 mp3

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nice, i'm going to d/l this when i get home from work. actually, today i was listening to Montreal Deep 10. this is one of my favorites from the series.

my all-time fav is Motreal Deep 6 or 7, i can't quite remember. jojo dropped photek's solaris and the rural's it just happened that way.

jojo always rocks it.



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redeyes i know the one your talkin about
it was a red cover on the tape yea? cool graphics on the cover?

yeah i was kinda shocked to see a photek tune on there at first too!



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i finally got a chance to listen to this today, and i've got to say that this is one of Jojo's best mixes in the series.

there's a little less vocals and alot more funk when you compare it to his other mixes which is fine by me.

the track that starts around 12:30 mark is SICK!!

DJ Nova, thanks for the hookup.

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this mix goes hand and hand with the sunshine today! :) i'm feeling warmer already...