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JELO IN THE HOUSE!!....I am there to REPRESENT!!! Tee hee.
Let the good times roll.
I couldn't ask for anything better while moving to a new city!!! You are going to make some serious booty shakin' beats!!!
See you soon,
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HA HA!!! VODKA and REDBULL it is!! What time do you get in and stuff....pm me! We will hook you up!

As for you, Mike you little instigator! Well....I know the..on the rocks..is your choice of drink, so lets do it up this night!!! ONTARIO STYLE!! tee hee


J e l o

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I get in around 2pm in the afternoon on Friday.
I'm thinking that we're all going for food around 6pm but I don't know where right now. Mike can find Marlee and work it out. I'm supposed to leave on Saturday but I might stay as I've no gig to come home to and I'm figuring that Sat.Night will be a gong show.
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Its Tonight!
come one come all,
Josh, karen I'll see you down there, I cant stay since I have to get up at 4am to go to the mtn and work.