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Johnny Fiasco @Opium Lounge


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Saturday March 3RD Johnny Fiasco is playing at the Opium Lounge 222 richmond st west.
I'm picky about what I go to these days, but I will definitely be checking this out !

the lineup is eric downer, johnny fiasco, jamie kidd, .. house room
tim patrick, scott stanley, shamus coghlan, raul vargas .. techno room

I've never been to Opium Lounge. is it a fair size ? do you think this well sell out ?



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Not the nicest of venues, I was there NYE and it wasn't looking its nicest. That being said, if its filled of hot sweaty bodies, it can be a fun spot to jam out in.

Im entertaining the thought of going here, lineup looks great, but my wallet is tapped dry from going out too much recently... :(
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