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Johnny Fiasco @ Jai Bar

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I stumbled into the Jai bar on friday night thinking it was just an ordinary night at the club. Then only to hear on the dance floor "Next up Chicago's Johnny Fiasco". My buzz peaked through the roof when I heard this.

Johnny then began to lay down some good funky jazzy house for the next hour and a half. Over all a good night and the Benson and Hedges people put a lot of effort decorating the place for the night.


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Yeah, I went there for a couple of hours. I'd wanted to check it out on a Friday for while.

I like the place a lot, it's a really nice space. Not as busy as I'd expect though.

Lights=too bright

I'll be curious to see what it's like on a non-B&H event night.

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It was kinda bright and they couldent find a happy medium between bright or dark. The crowd was kinda shit. I was dancing and I felt like everyone was staring at me.

ecstasy riot

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I was there flyering, and met some really cool people outside, and some dickheads trying to "educate me" about carl cox, cos you know they are all good friends with 'coxy' from way back when.