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Johnny Crack on Kenny vs. Spenny


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Yo this p-dizz ya fizz, ya dirty fizzles. sippin that haterade again i see. What flava u drinkin grape naw naw, its that mafuckin lime green flava........P dizz from the slums of Canada home of the hardest ghettos around. walkin down the street hearin gun shots ringin, Cant even leave my bike around, cause that bizznatchery gets got. U bithches know what its like to sell crack to feed your baby momas child. You know what its like sellin crack to feed your babys moma. and then i gots to sell more crack on the block to feed my childs baby momas mafuckin moma. im so hard i shoot first and and sell crack later, hard as an alligator. i am one hard mother let me tell you, rocks is bath bubbles compared to the pyedoggs gangsta. Now why dont you bitches get ya eagle on.

L-side what mafuckers?

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He's reading Diana Gambledon[sp]? She of the kilt-lifting historical romances? My wife's all over those. But Pyedog? Fag.
Tribe 14K gold cannabis seed slider pendant and chain