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John Hookah - Evolve - Summer 2013 Mix


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This is a mix recorded in my studio the beginning of August, it's a nice mix of deep tech sounds and perfect for a day at the beach or the cottage. There are loads of nostalgic samples in these tracks, this is one the old school will appreciate but with an updated sound to these tracks.

Enjoy and feedback of any kind is always appreciated.

Tube & Berger - Imprint Of Pleasure
Umami- Sunny
Purple Disco Machine - My House
Claptone - Wrong
Marlon Hoffstadt, Dansson - Shake That
David Jach, Beatamines - Swaggin
Ninetoes - Finder
Todd Terje - Strandbar (Disko Version)
Jon Cutler ft. E-Man - It's Yours (Nice7 Remix)
Cajmere, Sonny Fodera - You're The One (Pleasurekraft Remix)
Touch & Go - Gotta Have U
Groovebox - Brooklyn
Justin Martin - Wheelgunner (Dub)
Fatboy Slim - Praise You (Maribou State Remix)
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