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John Digweed


TRIBE Member
so did anyone catch digweed, just wondering what people thought?

although he seemed into it as did the dance floor it was a boring set at best, i mean i would consider only about 5 of the tracks that he played worthy of the dance floor?? the rest just seemed really simple and ran on, he only brought up the energy a few times over the 3 hours, and ended with 'Voices inside my head - Peruz, Frank Nastri', kind of a creepy finish.

i have listened to some wicked live sets of his recently (Live at Ibiza, Washington and some recent Transitions) and some not so hot ones too. unfortunately he didn't deliver and i was disappointed. i'm mostly referring to his edmonton set for which i was dead sober, in calgary i was pretty drunk but the set was among the same lines, any thoughts,

Sal De Ban

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I once had a dream that it was 1995 and I was hearing S & D play their northern exposure east coast mix live in a mine and everyone had to take those miners carts into the party. all the songs sounded warped but really different and gave me some good ideas.there was lots of confetti. could have been in alberta....