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John Digweed @ Lotus


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Originally posted by SKIB
good night

burned out around 3 though and left
truthfully i wasn't really feeling some of that darker, twisted, eerie stuff he was playing around that time
the first 2 hours or so were awesome though
when i left i had no idea he was still going to be playing for another 2 hours though... ah well...
as for lotus... well... not quite what i expected, but a pretty cool club nevertheless... i swear it felt like a maze in there though... and it was DAMN hot... but overall, it was a decent night...
This is very much like what I was going to say. I had a good time but I was sooo tired so we ended up leaving around 15 to 4:00. I had a great time and even better time dancing beside Tribers who didnt know who I was or just didnt bother to say hi.


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aw, too bad I didn't make it out of my cave to catch this - from the sounds of it I would have had a great time.


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Vodka redbulls will be my death.

Digweed was good. First time seeing him, so it felt good to cross another one off the list.

I feel I bit guilty for 'hating', but I can't believe nobody has said anything about the venue. My first time there and, you know, it would take a lot of convincing to get me to go back again.

That setup does not work for an event of this type.

The place looked good. Funky lighting and decor and all that. But dancing on a level seperate from the DJ is stupid. I tried and I felt really, really silly. Add to that the fact that the sound was terrible on parts of the second and third floor. It meant that every self-respecting partygoer had to be on the dancefloor.

The result? Too crowded. Too hot. No room to dance.

I had fun. Good music, good friends, good drink. But I don't go out every weekend anymore, so when I do, I want a place where I can interact with the DJ and dance without having to play bumpercars.

Ah, well. Complain is what a jaded-raver like me does, I guess.

Can somebody please bring Digweed back again? It's a shame we didn't all get to experience his sound in a better environment.
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Mz. SPy

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When I first walked in (you had to go upstairs first), the first worry I had was the heat in the place but hot air rises so that's why it was already hot up there, the AC system downstairs really helped (if you found the pockets of cool air). I searched around for Tara and everyone and found everyone pretty easily (right in front of the DJ booth, surprisingly). I think every person, within 5 minutes of being at Lotus, was saying how there are never going to go to that club again! It did get better after 3. Mark Oliver had an amazing opening set. Digweed's set was awesome! It was one of the best sets I have heard in a long time. The track selection was flawless. It flowed nicely throughout the night. Some very cool tunes, which no one I knew there could identify (thanks for some of them here). He went on playing for quite a long time. He did like three encores and I the end I started to think that it would never stop. As we were leaving, I was standing at the door and John walked by with his posse and they told him to wait right in front of me. So I was able to say "Thanks John for the great music tonight" and he said "You're welcome, thanks for coming" in his british accent. That was pretty cool.

The only problem was that I had to pay so much attention to all the people moving around and a lot of scuzzy guys trying to cop a feel. The set up of the club is just wrong. Why would you put the walk through way right in front of the DJ booth were people are trying to dance. My suggestion would be to place the DJ booth were the back bar was and put that bar where the DJ booth is. You wouldn't have so much pushing in the front. And maybe you could see the DJ from the second floor if you wanted to take a rest and go stand up there.


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i had a great time musicwise .. digweed played a wikked set displaying his skills and versatility as a superb dj. he kept me dancing most of the nite even though i was soooo exhausted!

as for lotus .. i am definitely not a big fan .. and i will most likely not be going there again. the entire setup is all wrong and i just couldn't fully enjoy myself with all these people constantly pushing and shoving their way through .. all i ask is that people say 'excuse me!' how hard is that?!! and the bartender at the bar on the restaurant side is quite possibly the worst bartender ever - this is the second time she's served me (the first being at nick warren) and both times i had to wait over 15 mins to get served!! she just doesn't know how to properly serve people in the order they arrive. anyhoo, end rant!

but otherwise, digweed totally made up for it. i thoroughly enjoyed his set and i can totally understand why he is still one of the biggest djs around. now we've gotta see if sasha will be able to equal or even top digweed's performance.

i have to add props to the wikked performances .. like the firelady and the tit-grinding lady .. both of whom were the same person. but it was quite interesting to watch!

cheers. :)


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Been a while but I just had to give shoutouts to Mr.Steppa and Vinder since it's been a while since I've seen them (Delta Heavy I believe)

Good talkin' to you James and look forward to meeting again; I'm sure we will.

Here's my review on TrancEaddict.com

Well, this is exactly what I expected from Digweed; an awesome set and nothing less...

Most of the night I was up on the riser above the floor because the floor was just too packed, I actually had a little breeze from the front door and I could see the DJ booth perfectly.

I thought that at some points it was dragging but then this build up would come out of nowhere and the crowd would respond in kind. Like Digweed was conducting a rollercoaster and we were his passengers who reacted with every up and down that came at us.
I felt like a was being led on a trip, with no control and was loving it.
He definately knows how to command a crowd and that just goes to show the experience this man has.

Shoutouts to all the TA crew down below
Even ran across a few Tribers I haven't seen since the Delta Heavy; good to see them out as well...(Vinder and President El Steppa)

All in all it was a fun night and even though I really only recognized a few songs, it was all good...

Armin is next...
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Originally posted by jasmyn
now we've gotta see if sasha will be able to equal or even top digweed's performance.

Isn't Sasha playing in Montreal the night before he's in Toronto?


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Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa
Fir3start3r, it was a pleasure to hang with you and your friend Adam last night. Tell him, if you could, that his mix is excellent. :)

Will do....(it's Aaron btw) ;)


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Friday night my brain was going yes yes yes to going see Digweed...but my body was going "don't even think about it!!!"...seeing as this is a rare occurrence for me, my body won and I was asleep by 10 pm. :(

I think I chose wrong.

I'm glad everybody had fun...and I'm also glad this has probably renewed a lot of a lot of people's faith in Lotus...I've always had fun there.


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It was an amazing weekend.

My buddy and I drove to Montreal and saw him @ Stereo where he destroyed the place playing from 2am until 7 or so. I think he was able to stretch out a bit more with the soundsystem there, playing monster club tracks that had everyone going nuts.

We then made the drive to Toronto to see him the next night. I really wish this would have been at a club that could actually accomadate the crowd. I was really wanting to leave because of how packed it was, but I had to stay, it's digweed after all.

I'm glad that I did, he played some serious hypnotic, dark prog that kept my poor feet and legs moving even though they were absolutely killing me. Dancing 2 nights in a row to the master is a workout!

Thanks john!
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Originally posted by ev
Isn't Sasha playing in Montreal the night before he's in Toronto?

Yup! Wonder if he'll pull the same stunt he did last time he spun in Montreal first? I don't think he will. When you are playing with James Zabeila you better not be half ass!