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John Digweed @ Lotus

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by el presidente Highsteppa, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. I have no clue what 0+uS is.

    Regardless, John Digweed played a remarkable set demonstrating the versatility and the span of his career over the course of the night, in the process showing why he's one of the people that sets the bar with trance, progressive and some other genres of music, and why he's so popular.

    Mark Oliver - I used to absolutely adore Mark Oliver's mixes, but he lost me around 1997/98, going in a direction that didn't really interest me. However, since his residency at Lotus, he's starting to win me back as a fan. He played a very strong and very professional opening set for Digweed, choosing to elevate the mood in the last half hour before John Digweed took the decks.

    John Digweed had the crowd right from the start, playing in the first hour, mostly big tracks that most of us recognized, and playing some new tunes that will undoubtedly be in demand in a few months. The first hour was John Digweed at his stadium, large club best, and played what the crowd was hungry to hear.

    What surprised me more was the second hour, which he switched up the sound to a more Northern Exposure kind of sound, playing very dubby trance, but not quite what most would call progressive. With him choosing a bit more of a laid back, yet crowd moving vibe, this made for my favorite hour of his set, peaking the hour with a Stephane K and John Creamer dub of PQM's "You Are Sleeping" at around quarter to three.

    The third hour that he played was where he started to push the limits and experiment a bit with what he had in his bag, and offering up the newer tracks, but keeping the crowd going with some Slacker, and a few other recognizable tracks, but still keeping the crowd hooked with new, never heard before songs.

    Overall, it's a fine return to form for Lotus, with the air conditioning now running, and a very enthusiastic crowd that appreciated Digweed's appearance. I myself certainly did, and felt that he played a beautiful set that made me forget that I missed him this past Christmas.
  2. squirrely

    squirrely TRIBE Member

    argh. i didn't make it out. i didn't even make it out front, as originally planned.


    hope fun was had by all.....

    lotus crew whaaaat?
  3. SneakyPete

    SneakyPete TRIBE Member

    Just got home. Left at 5:15am and Diggers was still playing, the club was still comfortably busy at that point. Amazing set. I am tired right now, maybe I'll post more later.
  4. DjCao

    DjCao TRIBE Member


    I got there around 3.30 after work, at the door they said it was closed, but after an exchange of 1 smily queen, i got in just to find the crowd absolutely fascinated...
    He was playing some king of " trancy-i-don't-what" stuff and he got keepin the crowd pumpin (me included).

    It totally made it for nick warren's bad experience......

    some familiar faces..."big thumbs for nelly" you're a beatiful awesome girl...I'll kick myself for that crappy camera and the batteries...

    anyway...amazing night...it was fun....


    It was that track with an " 80's feeling". the sound was kind of sylvester or devine...he dropped it around 4.30....

    also the one wich was an "eyes opener". it was the fourth before the end...
    it's an old track, but i think that's a new mix...it started with a deep voice, and some funny female voice chorus...kind of tribal...

    what a mess ....i'm sorry....
    thanks everyone...

    seeya around

  5. DjCao

    DjCao TRIBE Member

    I loved baracuda and the new remy shit....


  6. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    what time did he play 'til and on which floor?

    nice review james... makes me wish i'd gone.
  7. debunct

    debunct TRIBE Promoter

    i had such a great time last night. i thought the crowd was a lot better than it usually was. any time after 3am it totally felt like an after-hours club. it was a good "hot", it was sweaty, everyone was dancing, and of course digweed absolutely killed it. this guy really put an effort into his performance tonight, hooked us for a incedible journey through time and space.

    i really can't even put it into words how good this was...i was actually in a bit of state of shock when i left the club.

    was it me or were the price of drinks going up all night?

    anyways...wicked night, one i will remember for a long time.



    thanks ev for the hookup...awesome.
  8. Don't know when he played til, but he played on the first floor. Lotus had monitors and projections of Digweed and graphics hooked up all throught the club (including the third level) and the sound was going through the entire place. Not a bad set up, but it must be strange to be on another level dancing to music that you can only see a projection of.
  9. mandapanda

    mandapanda TRIBE Member

    i'm jealous!
  10. SKIB

    SKIB TRIBE Member

    good night

    burned out around 3 though and left

    truthfully i wasn't really feeling some of that darker, twisted, eerie stuff he was playing around that time

    the first 2 hours or so were awesome though

    when i left i had no idea he was still going to be playing for another 2 hours though... ah well...

    as for lotus... well... not quite what i expected, but a pretty cool club nevertheless... i swear it felt like a maze in there though... and it was DAMN hot... but overall, it was a decent night...
  11. Jay P

    Jay P TRIBE Member

    Loved the tunes!
  12. Snapple

    Snapple TRIBE Member

    What I wanna know is if he did the much anticipated (and whispered about) 'after' set at Element?

    Supposedly well guarded rumour at about 11:00pm last night had it that Roy Davis Jr and John were going to make a magical appearance ala Nick Warren after their respective shows finished (and what a strange combo that would have been). But if John was still playing at 5:15 I suspect he just called it a morning and hooked up with Luke for breakfast.

    Anyone? Anyone?
  13. DJ_Science

    DJ_Science TRIBE Member

    From what I heard from the promoter, they only did the after hours thing with Warren because of the Heat at lotus last time.
  14. Snapple

    Snapple TRIBE Member


    It almost killed me last night not to go to Element after my cell had rang with this hot tidbit because:

    1. I was exhausted;

    2. I'm desperately preserving all remaining brain cells for Burridge/Stereo and Sasha/Aria next weekend!!!!

    Sooooooooooo much fun. But I don't wanna hijack the Diggers review thread so back to the show...
  15. ThePlunger

    ThePlunger TRIBE Member

    He finished at about 5:40am.

    Absolutely Fucking Brilliant!!!

  16. SneakyPete

    SneakyPete TRIBE Member

    I ventured up to the third floor a couple times, there were actually quite a few people rocking it up there.
  17. DjCao

    DjCao TRIBE Member

    He finished at 5.25 or so....
    it was great, even when he wasn't mixin' anymore the last half an hour...
  18. maddog

    maddog TRIBE Member

    Ping Pong Balls

    First off thanks so Eddie K and Tara for the passes:D
    Mark Oliver did the best job I've heard from him in a long time and also was my first time being at lotus!

    Beautiful club but IMO to many rooms makes people wander, and that creating mass chaos for no reason, one sound stay still and either go to the bathroom or just dance, but people need to be seen:rolleyes:

    Diggers did a good job from what I listened too. Just was hoping to hear some breaks that he's been known to play in the past and our some wicked synth bass lines but I did leave at 230 so who knows what happened after I left

    There was a fight right infront of me which was just plain rediculous

    All and all a fun night and thanks to Alayne and Jerome for being my wing men:D

  19. vinder

    vinder TRIBE Member

    diggers played house. then he played prog. then he played tranceinmypants. it ruled \m/ right up there with the set he played last year, he had the place wrapped around his pinky finger. i was sober by last call, but damn if it mattered! i was running on tunes! i couldn't stop moving, even though my back felt like it was going to break in half. too many tracks i didn't know, but loved.

    but moment of the night was when a friend of mine started rapping to the beats, fucking great! first some maestro, then some snap, then some young mc! holy shit it was hilarious, but so good!

    cheers go out to the dinner but not dinner crew and the rest of the peeps who made my night so wicked. would not have lasted that long without you. ok, i would've, but it's a nice thing to say so :p
  20. ThePlunger

    ThePlunger TRIBE Member

    After Trying to look up the song today, I think he played the Luke Chable Dub James. What a Monster tune!!!!!!!!:D

  21. SKIB

    SKIB TRIBE Member

    it was definately the luke chable mix

    no vocals though

    i was waitin for 'em but they never came :p

    the more i think about it now, the more i was really diggin the tunes he played earlier on in his set... and mark oliver was dropping some sick sick tracks... perfect warm up set... i left before the end of his set... any encores?
  22. ThePlunger

    ThePlunger TRIBE Member

    ^^^about 4 of them.

  23. rentboy

    rentboy TRIBE Member

    you? stop moving? the hell u say. ;)
  24. vinder

    vinder TRIBE Member

    lately i can't get my ass to start moving! but digweed just wouldn't let up! relelentless would be a good word to describe it.

    i wish i could pick a fav part of the set, but they were all just so good! i really liked the dubby house he started off with, but the trancey stuff he played later was just so good too!

    chris, it's been too long dude, i thought for sure you woulda been there :(
  25. litespeed

    litespeed Well-Known TRIBEr

    that was totally insane!

    couldn't have asked for a better crowd... everywhere I walked around the club there were just people dancing everywhere! the restaurant was even packed with people dancing in the booths and on tables... it was a dancing bonanza!

    and digweed... sweet mother of fuck! all over the place... but in a good way... his set just flowed like no set by anyone else could. I remember this one point around 4am he dropped this track with a dark break down that kinda had this weird clicking sound in it... next thing you know this heavy bassline drops and every single person in the place start jumping with their hands in the air screaming at the top of their lungs... that was cool.

    I had to take off around 4:30 as I'd been up for almost 24 hours, been at the club on my feet for over 7 and had to wake up for work at 9am... if I dind't have to work, i so would have stuck it out though.

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