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John Digweed finally releases a new comp - in June!

From progsounds on the GU Board


John Digweed - Transitions

John Digweed’s relationship with Renaissance has been one of the longest and most distinguished in dance music. It began over a decade ago when he became one of the original residents of Venue 44 in Mansfield alongside Sasha. The promise of the pair’s incredible partnership and current residence was soon made legendary on Renaissance – The Mix Collection Vol. 1, widely regarded as the best dance compilation of all time, and the first to attain ‘Gold’ status in the UK, the benchmark against which all subsequent comps have been set. Now, following the 10th anniversary re-release of that eponymous album John returns with ‘Transitions’, his latest mix compilation with Renaissance. With the title taken from his globally syndicated radio show the single disc series will be released as two volumes each year. This new series will showcase John’s inimitable sound and flawless mixing which has established him as one of the world’s most innovative DJs and producers, reaching audiences across the globe.

As one half of Bedrock, alongside Nick Muir, he’s also proven to be a strong and diverse force in the studio, recently having scored the music for MTV’s animated production of Spider-Man. They have also had countless releases including two that entered the UK Top 40 (‘Heaven Scent’ and ‘For What You Dream Of’), the latter having featured in the hit movie ‘Trainspotting’.

John has continually influenced the world of electronic music, his management and creative direction helping to launch the careers of Danny Howells, Jimmy Van M, Chris Fortier and Luke Fair whilst still finding time to remix tracks for industry heavyweights such as Quincy Jones, Underworld, The Music and New Order. Other career highs include the landmark residence at New York’s legendary Twilo, the arena-busting Delta Heavy Tour of America, the Area 2 tour with David Bowie and Moby, the Bedrock residencie at Heaven, London and performing for an audience of well over 250,000 with Fatboy Slim on Brighton Beach, not to mention two further ‘Gold’ selling compilations. Little wonder he topped DJ Mag’s ‘Top 100’ DJ list in 2001 and has remained in the top 10 ever since.

The first volume of Renaissance: John Digweed - Transitions will be released in June 2006.

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Sweet, can't wait to hear this. Im sure Digweed will be touring N.A. Hopefully he'll touch down in T.O. sometime soon.
Track Listing:
1. Disco Airport [Charlie Dark Remix] - Takuya
2. Mahayana - Lacarno & Burns
3. Shell - Phoneheads
4. Themes and Dreams - Swingsett, J. Warrin
5. O'Bleek Intelligence - Mr. Magic,
6. Glistening - Denver McCarthy
7. Let It Ride [Mechanic Dub] - J. Warrin
8. I Can't Sleep [Afronaught's Nocturnal Dub] - Everyday People, Everyday People
9. Deep Thang - Mr. Magic,
10. Rios
11. Filter 13 - Twilight Circus
12. Corners - Mindflight

You can pre order it for 14.99 at hmv.com
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SneakyPete said:
That's the radio show...

and mixing bowl only have sets, they don't have CDs.

Well, they did once have the GU28 on there, but they tend to shut it down as quickly as possible when it comes to commercially released cd's.


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tracklisting from the don...

Here we Go

1. Cruising- Partial Arts
2. Feelin' -Every
3. On the Run -Popnonname
4. Torch (Etrawelt Remix) -Margot meets The Melody Maker
5. Neontrance -Tigerskin
6. Plastic Rubberband -Catwash (DJ Wild + Chris Carrier)
7. Beautiful Dead (From the e.p. ‘Aromatik’)- Davis K
8. Flake Escape- Diringer
9. Roots 4 Acid- Rocco
10. Easy- Trick and Kubic ft. Valeska
11. Knights of Columbus- On Spec
12. Warung Beach (Lützenkirchen Remix)- John Digweed
13. Jetchi- Michael de Hey
14. McEnroe - Dana Bergquist
15. Gebrünn Gebrünn - Paul Kalkbrenner

Hope you like it

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he's even been cultivating an ironically long "minimal" haircut

soon he'll make the jump to v-neck t-shirts and then we'll truly have lost him for good


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videotronic said:
he's even been cultivating an ironically long "minimal" haircut

soon he'll make the jump to v-neck t-shirts and then we'll truly have lost him for good

He needs the thick-rimmed glasses and a black turtleneck (when not wearing the v-neck t-shirts) to complete the package.

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poker face said:
I still cant figure out how Kompact is his favorite label.

is something wrong with kompakte?

And with so many better new producers and DJs and musicans across the world in so many different specialty sub genres, sub labels, and sub communities, I still can't figure out why anyone cares about Digweed at all. :p