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John B's Return Of Forever RMX

Juan Love

TRIBE Member
I think I'll have to pass...even if he had MC Hammer in the studio with him, the original is a beat that Juan B can't touch.

I'll take [NHS44R] instead. This one is gonna be the Calibre RMX of "Global Love" and the Landslide RMX of "Return..." on the flip.
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it's not too bad. but not as good as the original

it my buddy would give me my damn cd back i'd be able to tell you the tunes that i really liked of his. anyone know what track 9 was off of future reference?



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on that same link, check out calibre's global love remix.... now that's a tune!!!!!


enough from me



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To be honest, I think its actually kinda cool... aside from the horrible vocoded vocal bits (ugh), the track itself has a cool electro vibe going on. Plus it sounds pretty sick on a club system, I heard it about 3 times in Miami.

Would I actually play it? Not sure... likely not, but you never know.

As for the High Contrast LP itself... DOPE!! Can't wait to get my hands on the vinyl, been rinsing out the CD since I got it last month. Quality stuff.


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If I heard either John B's or the Landslide mix before I heard the original I would say they are alright
But since I have it makes them sound bad

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