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John B

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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you lucky bastards.:)
I'm stuck out here in BC where a DnB show is a pretty rare, all this tribal hippy shit is taking over. (actually its not too bad but I miss the days of living in Ont and being able to see a decent headliner every week.


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Ninja, you guys might suck during the winter, but you gots the best outdoor festival scene probably in the world. Shambhala, that is alll.
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Originally posted by smilez
ALex what's up with dnbnation? hasn't come up for me in a while:confused:


Yeah i know. We cant really do anything about it. The DNS company has no support till monday :(

It should be back early next week.

i've been working on a new dubplates section to make up for the long downtime ;)
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jocelyn dee

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Wicked jam last night. Thanks to the Ganjasmile crew for throwing another quality event.

I must say John B takes the award for best DJ hair ... but DJ Chase gives him a good run for the money.