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John B @Fez Batik

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by ecstasy riot, Apr 22, 2001.

  1. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    OH MY LORD!!!

    Amazing nite, amazing music, amazing dubplates!
    This DJ knows the future of drum n bass. Only 23, and holy he rocked the crowd.
    Big up to VITAL for bringing this only for 10$.

    This was definately my fave drum n bass set of the year so far.

  2. lexusboy

    lexusboy TRIBE Member

  3. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    yup. fucking awesome party!!!
    thanks to everyone that made it out and helped added to overall amazingness of the nite...
    all i have to say right now is that i am so hungover yet so happy.

    i hate jaegermister, i love my new powerpuff toy [​IMG] and this whole Vital weekend has been so much fun!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i'll write some better reviews tomorrow when i am recovered!!
  4. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member

    John B will be playing at Milano's tonight for $5.00...
  5. evil homer

    evil homer TRIBE Member

    oh me oh my that was a SICK SICK event. easily #1 DnB set of a long long time. what was that love and happiness tease followed by war cry---i knew those songs sound the same, glad john b agreed. Up all night got teased twice before he played it and it is a HUGE tune.
    Incredible vibe inside. Met some TBK which is always cool, everyone was so friendly, happy people, beautiful ladies, wicked dancers. I found a nice corner downstairs with great sound AND room to dance. Definitely the only club in the city where I would dance barefoot. and those hoegaardens are LARGE.
    I was hanging out with some friends downstair, making fun of this dudes hair and I wanna go talk to him because I have a similar thing on my own head....turns out he was john b [​IMG]

    Anyways...Big up Vital

    for the record this is my list of DnB acts I wanna see

    EZ Rollers
    Adam F
    J Majik
    John B
    Amon Tobin
    Roni Size

    And 4 of them in the past year is good for me (but any of them would be SWEET in the future)

  6. DJ Doublecross

    DJ Doublecross TRIBE Member

    Amazing party! John B played the best set I've heard in a long time. He is my favourite producer at the moment, but he proved to be a pretty good dj as well! And hearing that much unreleased material is always a pleasure. I'm not much of a "hands-in-the-air kind of guy, but I just couldn't help it last night... that was hands-in-the-air jungle!

    Good seeing everyone in Toronto again... I can't wait to move back home next week!

    I'm really glad drum n bass is being represented in such nice venues these days... definitely a trend I can get used to!

  7. D-Cypher

    D-Cypher TRIBE Member


    saturday 3:40 am, get off work (first day/new job) after a 10 hr killer shift...get to fez to see cuties e riot and mcbee hangin out...."sorry, you're too late"...."D'OH!!"....hi john b....bye john b....*sob*

    i wuz sooo looking forward to this and i can't hit milano's....dang....respect to Vital still....keep it up
  8. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    uhuh! I got a little too drunk with no sleep today so I am not at Milano's seeing JOhn B.

    boo on me. [​IMG]
    Yes, Evan you should have been there.
  9. Nebu kad

    Nebu kad TRIBE Member

    Definitely one of the best parties in a while. I got there nice and early with my friends and claimed a couch, which came into handy latter on. Music was sweet with some proper rewinds going on (except one). Most notably that progressive-ish track that Ruckus dropped. Nice vibes, nice mature people, really nice venue. Being able to chill on a couch and listen to so many new tunes was sweet. Pure chill.
    Big up to CC who I met. Vital knows how to do it in style!
  10. -Rudebwoy_Chin-

    -Rudebwoy_Chin- TRIBE Member

    All I can say is Dayum. That was a wikked party. I was loving every second until i got booted for smoking a lil spliff.
    Loved the no-mc factor, it was very refreshing.
    Loved the atmosphere, people there were wikked.
    Loved the place, never been there before. They should throw a D-n-B jam there every week.
    Only thing that sucked was gettin the boot, but that was my fault, so whatevs.
  11. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    ahhhhh!!! what a fun nite!!

    beautiful people, beautiful venue, beautiful tunes = big smile on my face!!!

    this weekend has been total mayhem but i have loved every minute of it.

    i'm so happy to hear that everyone had an awesome time - that is the most important thing. having a Vital party at fez instead of bside was a bit of change, but i think everything worked out perfectly! an intimate nite of beautiful drum and bass with fun, friendly people! so thanks to everyone for making it a success!

    hilites of the nite for me include: the amazing compnay of all my friends, both new and old, my new fave track 'up all nite', red wine at five am on the balconey [​IMG], my new powerpuff toy!! (how cute are you to bring me that, kevin?? [​IMG] thanks baby) rocking my new handbag (in honour of such a stylish evening i left my trademark backpack at home!! carrying a 'handbag' is a whole new experience!!), running into my brother (flyering your relatives at easter dinner really does work!!) and so many more....(the nite was a bit fuzzy. damn jaegermeister!!)

    prolly biggest hilite however....standing on upper level, looking around at a room full of people having fun. thats a cool thing [​IMG]

    so now, i am broke and dead tired but so happy!

    shawn - as i have said numerous times, i'm so proud. taking the powerpuffs out of my car was the least i could do for you [​IMG] thanks for being my sidekick all weekend. we make a good team.

  12. R4V4G3D_SKU11S

    R4V4G3D_SKU11S TRIBE Member

    What can I say that hasnt been said already..wicked people, wicked venue and wicked music...

    Judging from the classiness of Fez, you never would have known that half an hour before getitng there I was in the middle of the street playing hackey sack and drinking a king can of Old Milwaukee, compliments of leftovers in Amys fridge [​IMG] I got there and the coolest bartender was allowing the alcohol to flow freely (no pun intended [​IMG])...I don't think I've actually really drank jagermeister since high school...Does anyone know if its going out of style coz thats how I was drinking it [​IMG]
    I wasn't totally sure about Fez as a place to go and dance, especially since I was so used to Bside, which I love as a venue - I haven't been to Fez that often, and wasn't sure where the dance floor would be...But the setup was so sweet - I managed to get quite a bit of dancing in [​IMG]
    There was garage on when I got there and I was really digging it, and surprisingly enough I even recognized a few tracks...And John B's set was incredible - everyone was going nuts...It was enough to make my sunstroked butt hit up Milano's for the first time on Sunday to get another, longer dose of a John B. set...
    Once again, thanks to the Vital kidz for a wicked sat/sun combo [​IMG]
  13. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    Well it's Monday, and I'm finally getting enough time to write up a post (damn responsibities).

    The night was a very progressive moment for Toronto Drum and Bass. We're starting to show that the is an audience of people who are growing to respect more intellegent and diverse sounds.

    Fez Batik has proved time and time again to be one of the most beautiful spaces in the city, providing a nice space to enjoy company of friends. Coat check would have been nice, but soon it will be summer, and it won't matter. The set up of the dj booth on the main level at crowd height made it perfect to create a better bond between the djs and the crowd. Sound was also spectacular; nice and quiet at the start, and then they kicked it up really nice by the time the crowd got onto the dance floor.

    Despite the more 'chill' atmosphere of the venue, the dance floor was absolutely rocking all night. Whether it was the sweet sweet UK Garage with those damn nice vocals, or whether it was jazzy or dark drum and bass, the crowd loved every second of it, and kept dancing straight through until the end.

    John B's set was something out of a dream. He brought out some of the most diverse tunes that I've ever heard. He brought in all the influences of jazz, salsa and even old school rock and mixed them in with both light and dark drum and bass sounds. It is this production diversity that has lead John B to become one of the best producers in the world. He gave us all a beautiful lession in drum and bass this Saturday, and for that I am enternally grafeful that he decided to come play here in Toronto. I look forward to seeing this sort of night again sometime soon.

    The tbk was definitely there is full force, and it is nice to meet more of you. Overall, I can't think of a more fun evening in recent memory.

  14. lexusboy

    lexusboy TRIBE Member

    those were the words i was looking for earlier. well said.

    maturity. it's all about maturity.
  15. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    very descriptive shawn [​IMG]
    nice work

  16. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    you're funny [​IMG]

    jaegermister = unhappy mcbee on sunday

  17. Jimi James

    Jimi James TRIBE Member

    Wicked set by John B. I didn't realize all you Tribe people were there. Line-up was somewhat garbage but it was worth the wait. Ryan(Ruckus) played a real good set as well. I hope this is a sign of a smoking summer!!

    Jimi James
  18. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    ruckus did rip off a wicked set. he's a very under rated dj in toronto. much respect to his abilities on the decks.

    as for the signs of summer, i'm hoping that i can put together some great events. stay tuned for what's next from vital.


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