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John Acquaviva @ Turbo March 3rd.


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Went down to the club for about 11:20pm... the lineup was about sixty people or so on the cash side, 100 or so on the 'guestlist' side - strange... I walked the line looking for friends and was stopped by a bouncer who said I had to use the back entrance 'cuz I was wearing sneakers. Stranger still. So I walk around the back, and find that there's no lineup back there at all, pay my $10 and go downstairs. Turns out it was Manila night upstairs (I swear, at least half of the floor was Pilipino - nothing wrong with that, just an observation - but a strange crowd nonetheless for Turbo) - Hip Hop, RNB, 'Classic House' I discovered was the lineup. Bleh. So I went downstairs to check the opening of the Toronto Housing Project, which Stretch and Hooker (who were attending as they usually do but weren't playing that night) confirmed included John A. - but he was going on at 3-3:30pm. Stranger still!
Anyway. Myka took the decks around 1:30-2am and rokt the hous until John A. showed up about 3am and they tag-teamed the decks for about 40 mins... Acq. played a wicked set although by around 4:30 the crowd was dwindling. The crappy Hip Hip crowd upstairs (with their dresscode) had all left by 3:45-4am, leaving about 150 ppl. in the club downstairs... Didn't seem to matter to John A., and Myka who joined in again around 4:30 to slap down the hard beats... It was a terrific night - my friends A. and F. joined me in the booth watching John A. spin for a bit... He's truly one of the more friendly DJs I've come across. He didn't bring the Final Scratch technology with him this time as he wasn't sure of the setup downstairs. Awesome time, anyway. Left around 5:45am truly satisfied.

Have to wonder why Turbo would have a drinking crowd upstairs who fly out of the place as soon as the bar closes, leaving half of the club empty early in the night. They should run that crap downstairs so they get a better house crowd upstairs...
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by acheron:
- my friends A. and F. joined me in the booth watching John A. spin for a bit...
Is "A." that handsome devil with the blond hair? ... oh wait.... A is me!!!
What's up "H" good to see you on the board.
Bumbaclat aka Adam,