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John '00' Flemming @ System


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What an amazing night!

Seamless mixing, brilliant track selection, and endless energy.



The Watcher

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I've had so much fun just grooving arround.

It's so wicked to have met so many of you, I had a total blast! YOU ALL ROCK!!!

Nick - With bells on!
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Wicked selections by Mr. Flemming including some older fav's..
more extensive review to come.. but the night in two words:

top notch!


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Tearer at Kalemic's place:

2nd best night at system ever, after Howells in March, 01.

Absolutely incredible energy and flow.

Thank god I decided to go.

Cheers y'alls.

ps. sean says yos hos. now we are going to play some nerf or something.
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Best night in a LONG time.....musically and socially.

I had very high expectations of Mr "00", and he far exceeded them.....he dropped a great remix of Children, as well as Tiesto's new track I believe(Finary, help here!)

All in all, a fantastic night.....great to see the familiar faces out, and great to meet new faces...and it was NOT a sausage party...many fine ladies:)


Special K

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why didnt I go...


it sounds like I would have had an amazing time...


:( :( :(


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Originally posted by Nesta
how was joy kitikonti?

next week i'm back with a vengeance!

I only stayed for the first 1/2 hour of Joy's set, but it was totally pumpin'....and he kicked it off with none other than "Joyenergizer"......such a weeeeeekid track:)

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ventured out to TORonTO last night to make an appearance and I was pretty impressed. John 00 threw down some nice classic tunes including robert miles, children ... christ, i haven't heard that in a while. and i was even liking what mark scaife was playing when i arrived, a bit harder than what i remember him spinning. i wandered around a bit throughout the night ... settled into a little pockets of space and shook my butt a bunch of times.

i had a great time much thanks to my pre-outting hosts Adrian, Lindser and kru and to my post-outting hosts Tom and Sandy. and as usual it was good to see the TBK possé in full effect.



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Oh MY God!... Amasing night!... I am not really so much into trance, I like "harder" stuff... (heheh ;) ), but he totally kicked ass. Very good selection of tracks which made me dance the entire night.

Good to see so many old faces that I haven't seen in almost a year. :)
I had fun, considering the shitty week I had... nights like this it will be a little easier to move on.
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For real!

I had to add how wicked it was to hear trance again at my favorite club!!! It's been a while ;)

And Toby... I think he dropped Obsession, or was it Dallas 4pm?
I can't remember now :)



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I am in no way qualified to give a review of this evening, so I won't.

I went, trying to give trance a shot. I decided the only kind of shot I was going to give it in the future would be a lethal injection.

I had a good time, regardless. I got to meet a lot of new Tribe folk (thanks to deep), whom I've wanted to meet for a while. Plus a lot of familiar friendly faces.

I have to say, regardless of how I personally feel about trance, I was really impressed by how much the crowd was loving it. No matter if I dig the tunes or not, it's nice to see people that enthusiastic and into it. Props to all y'all trance peeps.

I think one of the highlights of my night was screaming out at the top of my lungs during one of the drops "I FUCKING HATE TRANCE!!!". It made me smile. No offense. Chacun son gout and all that. :)


You guys rawk, even if trance doesn't rawk me.


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I had an AMAZING time... The music and the crowd was great.. It came close to my best time at System (Dec/00 - Mauro Picotto).. Wow!

It did however suck having to drink REV out of a cup, that's a little extreme I think... but other than that, no complaints. :D


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wikked night out, again i will declare my refound love for trance. mark scaife warmed up the crowd nicely with some HARD HARD shit, i am loving the direction he's going these days. i've said it before to countless others who always said he's boring, THIS IS WHAT HE SOUNDS LIKE WHEN HE SPINS AT ELEMENT! then it was on to john double-oh. pounded it out right from teh get go, never let the energy level drop, not once. then holy shit, that tilt(?) remix of robert miles' children made the night...i haven't seen a system crowd erupt like that for a long time....like dave said, it was amazing to hear trance in a club again (although it's only been two weeks for me since i saw armin last time at the guv:) )...i began to get tired several times, but each time i was about to go grab my coat, double-oh would yank me back to the floor with some stomping tunes......he was all over teh place too, trance, techno, even a couple electro tracks! his progression throughout his set was simply mindblowing....

Trance in my pants!
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