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John 00 Fleming @ Avalon NYC (May 6th 05)


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This past Friday night was my first time to Avalon in NYC. Aparently its the same space as the former limelight. Since I was back in town for the weekend for mothers day I figured I would try and find something to do on this random friday evening. Just my luck that JooF was playing! :)
Got to the club down on 20th by about 10:45 and walked right in with a nice friendly search (good enough to make me feel safe in the club but not intrusive). As is with any of NYC's afterhours the place was dead until about 2am when it started picking up. The night started off ok for music in the main room but the hip hop and top 40 stuff in the other two rooms wasn't really my cup of tea (it was fine on the fourth system located in the co-ed washroom though!).
Avalon is quite the club. While not anywhere close to the size of places like the Roxy or Webster Hall it more than made up for by being located in a CHURCH. The lighting was ok, the sound was good with no ringing or exessive bass or highs, but the Church with all of its nooks and crannies and raised cielings is what really made this club stand out.
John 00 Fleming took the decks at about 1:30- 2am ish and from there the place went off! One of the best sets I've heard from him as he mixed a lot of different styles of trance into his psy set. I left Avalon at 4am mainly due to whomever came on after (either Jonhy Vicious or Tony Drapper, not sure which) but they train wrecked the first mix and I suddenly realized that I had been up since 7am with only 3 hours of sleep the night before... I was tired, and it sank in with one bad mix... the only one of the night until now.
Way too many kids thinking that they are the Gotti kids but the attitude seemd fine if you let the pretty boys have their centre of the dance floor. Lots of beuitiful women everywhere wearing practically nothing and very friendly and helpful staff. I think I'll be back again for some more afterhours action here in the next couple of years. All in all I had a great night night out.
I Ended up getting home at about 6am after grabbing a coffee.
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