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Johan Gielen @ Limelight.... 5 stars!


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what a great night!!! got in towards the end of Scaife's set and he was superb as always.... next up was Johan and this man owned!!! two hours of non stop epic uplifting trance, soooooo good.. there wasn't many people there but that didn't matterm, it almost seemed to add to the energy in the room... Viceroy went on after him and kept us all dancing til they kicked us out.. as much progressive as i've been listening to the pure epic trance was very much enjoyed, and missed!! now i want more.. thanks to the promoters for the night, was one to remember!!!
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dj bombtrack

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I personally thought bringing in Johan Gielen for a Thursday night was just dumb. Especially with Ferry coming on Saturday and the fact that most people have either work or school for Friday.

Actually booking him here was a good idea, but what an aweful day to book him for.

I didnt go, for probably the same reason most people didnt go. Lets hope he returns soon.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by dj bombtrack:
I personally thought bringing in Johan Gielen for a Thursday night was just dumb. </font>

That's a pretty bold statement. He was booked many months ahead of time and I guess everyone is supposed to know that Corsten will be in town this Sat way ahead of time? Your also telling me that people do not go out during the week? LL and Tonic continually pull huge crowds for there Wed night events during the week.

So, please do everyone a favour and refrain from saying stupid and offending comments!

For those in attendance, Johan absolutley rocked! He loved the vibe/crowd and will be back soon!

dj bombtrack

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Well if it was booked so many months in advance, then why a Thursday?

Thats makes no sense. Tonic pulls in a huge crowd on Wednesdays because they've been doing it for years. They have a reputable name. People know thats the place to be on a Wednesday.

Thursday has to be the worst day to party, because of Friday and Saturday following.

And Im sure the promoter of this party will realize that when he's see's how much money he made.


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Yeah, don't be so fukken retarded and think you can do something on another nite, I mean that would be utterly.........dumb er or something like that. Who do you think you are, trying to get a nite going on a Thursday? Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak! How stupid!


jdboobtruck you crack me up!

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Well djboobtrack, grow some gonads and throw your own damn event, if it wasnt for people taking risks there would be no scene except for the weekend....
I hope people come to an event for the music and dj and not because "the club has been doing it for years". Or because no-show flying dutchman Corsten comes into town.