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Joey Youngman & Bryan Jones - Another New House Mix - Download Here

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he just released a 14 track artist album as well, for download only. All tunes previously unreleased, and they rock.
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Bryan Jones

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blam, here you go

Joey's Half

1) Matt Wood - "No Time" (Neon Phusion rmx) (SOLE)
2) Olivier Desmet & B McCarthy - "Disco Dust" (Hodges rmx) (AMENTI)
3) Iz & Diz - "Mouth" (Greenskeepers rmx) (GREENSKEEPERS)
4) Mario Fabriani - "Jerky Jackin" (JACKIN)
5) Jacob London - "When The Shit Hits the Fan" (MOVIM)
6) Manwhore - "Chingadero" (AFTERSCHOOL)
7) Inland Knights - "Double Check" (DROP)
8) Ian Pooley - "Quatro" (NRK)
9) Swirl People feat Heather - "We Used To Party" (LCG rmx) (AROMA)
10) 95 North - "Feel It (Oh Yeah)" (HENRY STREET)
11) Acappella - 95 North - "Jazz Ascension" (LARGE)

Bryan's Half

12. Warren Clarke - Jazz - Fluential
13. Deemah - Words - Dlectable
14. The Sound Republic - Party People - Spatula City
15. The Girth - Chained To The Bed - Blue Label
16. Lettow & Ice - Free Your Mind (Ion Remix) - Lingo
17. Craig Hamilton - Gonna Take - CDR
18. Joey Youngman & Troydon - Take Chances - Fetish
19. Crystal - I've Been Thinking (LCG Remix) - Lost & Found
20. Fabio Bacchini - Funk Player - Control
21. Somore - I Refuse - i! records
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I played with him in Winnipeg earlier this month - he is a darn good dj. Brings a ton of energy to the mix. His hands rarely stop.


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SHIT HOT YO, listened to this before i went out last night... Got me in the moood, a bit of everthing... :D ta Joey & Bryan... Hopefully Joey is coming to t.o soon..