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Joey Beltram?

Da grunj

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I know one of you people know these answers,

Why does he never come/makeit to Toronto? Have I just missed him everytime? Or is he just another techno Dj that hates CANADA? He is good enough to be curious about isnt he?

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Mr. Beltram has played T.O. a few times. I've caught him twice in the last 5yrs.

There are a few reasons he doesn't play here all that often....
1. $$$ - His fee is huge!
2. I've notice a couple of no shows, whether it's his fault or the promoters, i don't know?!?
3. (more of a personal opinion) i think he's a better producer then a dj.



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He was here last when Sashiomi Tomie (sp) was a no-show at System. Beltram filled in. I recall that being the night that The Dukes opened and Algorithm played afterwards. The setup that night was sweet ... decks on the floor instead of in the booth. 6 decks for that matter.

-- Jay aka Fut

Adam Duke

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He was here when Ken Ishii couldn't show. He had 4 no shows in a row, prior to that. He played the same music (almost track for track) as his 'Sound of 2am' cd that came out 3 years previously.

And he was one of the most antisocial and grumpy dj's I've ever met.

maybe it was a bad night...



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He probably just needs an energy flash!! :d



p.s. Yo, Time I agree he is a better producer than DJ
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i picked up Jb3 on bush...a few days ago...

anyone else pick up or heard this yet???

jus wondering...




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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by tEkKiD:
i picked up Jb3 on bush...a few days ago...</font>

yeah i grabbed it. i think it's pretty good, but nothing mindblowing.