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Joel Plaskett @ The Phoenix


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Last night Joel put on a clinic and showed a jam packed Phoenix why he's one of the finest Canadian singer/songwriters to pick up a guitar this side of Neil Young. I really couldn't have asked for a better rock show, arriving without a ticket and having some fine young lady toss me an extra one for free.

The opening bands were solid but when Joel and The Emergency came on they really took command of the room and worked their way through a range of tunes showing off their diverse rock chops playing power ballads, introspective acoustic numbers, honky-tonk wigglers and twangy folk rock peppered with some slide guitar. Of course some classic Thrush Hermit numbers were played as well and with Peter Elkas and Ian McGettigan joining Joel and the band on stage it was really a memorable show. I don't think they played one number that didn't have the whole crowd eating out of the palm of their hand.

Joel Plaskett as far as I'm concerned is the heir to the throne of Canadian rock n' roll and for the last twelve years that I've been listening to his music he's done nothing but grow as an artist while still rocking the fuck out proper. His sound is varied but he always comes correct with low-strung rock grooves, 70's hooks and hint of twang that's all delivered with that Halifax swagger.