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Joe Waswa Tribute Event @ Guelph (Bubba Gibbs)


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Well, it was very nice to see a lot of people at bubba gibbs last nite.
And it was a good surprise to see oddmyth spinning when I show up! :) not to mention bumping into my co-worker who got me a job here in Guelph! lol

Well, I enjoyed listening to all the sets-and was fun dancing with people like Kevin (and what is the name of wavy hair girl again? moi bad. sorry!)

I was a bit disappointed as to not everyone able to write the memo/letter to Joe though :/

When I was remembering Joe while dancing, it was sad, but all we can do is to cherish his wonderful soul and continue dancing!!! and cerebrating our lives :)

Deeno had a couple tracks (maybe 4??) that sounded soo very perfect to tribute to Joe though!

Well, thank you deeno for doing this for Joe.
I am pretty sure that he was with us last nite, and he will always be with us as long as we keep our passion and love for music and dance true and alive.



It was nice meeting you, Jen!
as well as the Hungarian boy (god, I am soo bad with names).
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Glad to hear the night went well...I wish I could have been there. :(

props to Deeno for organizing the event...I'm sure Joe's spirit was getting down on the dancefloor!


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Glad it went well......

Joe hopefully your destroying the floor in a better place....