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Jobs working with animals our outside


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Broad Question: I am just looking for ideas...

So I really want to work with animals, environment or outside. I am trying to avoid going through all the science courses you take in uni or college to become certain things. Its not that I dont want to try hard and apply myself I just dont think I will do that well - I have never done well in sciences or math. So now I am looking for other options... grooming, vet assistant, etc. - I would love to research animals but I dont know if I am looking at the wrong schools or what.

I really want to go to school in British Columbia absolutely not Ontario - any ideas are helpful. Thanks
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If you want to work with animals you have to take science, especially for research.

except something like dog grooming. i think you can do a mail order diploma for that - i just saw one in a magazine.

vet assistant you could go to college for but there will definately be some science involved.