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Jobs in Van downtown?


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What's up Tribers?

I got 3 friends that just moved to Van and are living in a studio in the lovely safe crime free haven of Gas town.... geezz all cars broken into... one stolen first week!

One can work as a framer and as a contruction labourer. Another... she can work promotions... like New Ad styles or event marketing/host she's a real good people person who can sell anything to anyone.... And the other pal is just a smooth kick ass handman carpenter....

If any of you have any leads for jobs for these folk please post the info here of PM me so that I can fWD them...

And I've been thinking of coming down to party my ass off this summer. Anybody here work in film or know of an Art Director that I can hit up for a Film Job as 2nd props or set dresser? I will consider sleeping with who ever if they can hook me up with work!! :p for the art of course!!! lol

Ivant to come party party party!
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