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JOB POSTING: Multimedia Video Coordinator

Jeremy Jive

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I'm helping my current employer find a new in-house Multimedia Video Coordinator. I know that there are a bunch of people here who are in to film and multimedia so I thought this would be a good place to post the job.

It's a really cool job for someone who is looking to get into the film and television industry. If you are interested or know anyone who is interested email me at jeremyjive at hotmail dot com. I will contact you back from my work email account.

Here is the info.

We are looking for a fulltime Video Coordinator. This is an entry-level position that is perfect for someone looking to gain experience in the film and television industry. We are a boutique commercial and music video production company specializing in high-end work.

We need someone with a strong technical and design background. The successful candidate is a proactive and interactive people person who will show initiative while being dependable and reliable. This position is constantly changing as the needs and technical qualities of the industry change. Being a quick learner and a problem solver is a must. The video coordinator is responsible for the creation and compiling of all media assets for the company. You will interact daily with the commercial and music video departments to create these elements.

The position and contract will begin in the new year.

We are looking for someone who possesses the following qualifications.

• Mac profiency. You will be working in an all Mac based workplace.
• DVD. Authoring, compiling, writing, designing of in-house DVD materials and director reels.
• Photoshop. Design and creation of elements for promotional materials.
• Illustrator. Working knowledge of Illustrator is a plus.
• Final Cut Pro. Working knowledge of Final Cut or AVID Media Composer is a must for video capture, editing and compilation of Director reels.
• Flash. Creation and redesign of websites with Flash.
• Filemaker Pro. Creating and maintaining logs of shipping and receiving of media elements within this department.

• Networking. Administrative maintenance of the office Mac networking.
• Website. Updating in-house website and external websites with current film materials.
• Email/Internet. Opening and closing of accounts. Maintaining services.
• Software. Installation and protection of networks and software.
• Data. Regular backup of information from the internal network.


• Video Library. Maintaining & keeping video library and resources current and at optimal quality. Catalogue elements & masters. Upkeep and schedule maintenance of equipment.
• Inventory. Ordering stock & supplies for department.
• Shipping/Receiving. Call supplier for pulling dubs and creating new masters. Record details of where reels are sent to who, what and where. Arranging Couriers.
• Appearances. Keeping the office clean.


• Strong design background.
• Good verbal and written skills.
• Demonstrates Initiative.
• Dependable + reliable in meeting deadlines.
• Ability to work under pressure.
• Professional attitude + works well with others and work independently.
• Enthusiastic and resourceful.
• Available immediately.

Thank you for your interest. Only those who are qualified will be contacted for an interview.

jeremy -good luck- jive
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