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Job Posting: Hostess at Restaurant


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Jump restaurant is looking for hostesses to work full and part time. We're really under-staffed, and the pay is pretty decent. No previous experience required.

Starting wages $13-15/hr

Apply in person between 3 and 5pm at the restaurant (Jump, 18 Wellington St. West, inside Commerce Court East).

This is not an official company posting so don't mention this ad! :)

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Still eh?

Laura, is this permanent? If it's a seasonal full-time position and it turns into part-time for fall, I have tons of people here waiting for restaurant jobs.

And the restaurant was at our job fair today. Good to see them still supporting youth employment.
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Hi Sunny!

It's not a seasonal position at all- they need someone full-time permanently. They'll be hiring more staff for the summer later on.

To answer your PM about when the best time to apply is, as i mentioned in the job posting, between 3 and 5 is always the best time at any restaurant! (monday to friday) :)