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Job Advice: re lounges etc..


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Ya i was thinking about applying at some lounges etc.. around the downtown area but... just want to ask a few question to see if any of you know.

1) think you need a bar tending certificate to work at lounge?

2) if you are a male what is the liklihood of procuring employment at a nice lounge?

3) Think tips will be hirer or lower then at a nice resturant

me gwetch



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You need to have your Smart Serve certification if you're going to be serving alcohol. It's a formality, not hard at all.


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You also need to stay away from Havana Lounge. They're a very shady business.

Plus, they're a dive.

a hole in the wall.
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Most places require smart serve, some will pay for it for you if they like you enough. You really don't need to have a bar tending certifate b/c most bars will teach you the way they want things done anyways and most places have their own drink reciepies. In my experience, you will make more money at higher end restaurants. The more $$ expensive the place = higher bills, which in the end means more tips for you (assuming the place you are working at is pretty buzy). You can make decent money at lowend bars and restaurants too but it usually means you have to be at place with high turnover seating and work double shifts.
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