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JMK Reunion @ Hard & Soul 4 Year

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by BigBadBaldy, Dec 17, 2001.

  1. BigBadBaldy

    BigBadBaldy TRIBE Member

    Wow. I've got to say that anyone who likes good soulful house with a bit of an edge, a good crowd and dancing your ass off missed out BIGTIME on this one if you slept on it.

    This night is definitely in my top 3 nights out of the year, judging by my ass and feet which barely stopped moving, and the maniacal grin on my face all night long as I tore it up. Only bad moment of the night for me was when I was dancing so hard and I forgot that what was in my hand was not in fact a capped bottle of water but instead an open beer, and was spraying people around me with suds. Massive apologies for that. I was sober, but just going off so hard I lost myself.

    Highlight for me? Kenny's dirty house, as well as hearing Soulstice's "Lovely" and going mental. Other highlights? Massive amounts of sexy women, and one extremely hot blonde who I had some sort of dance thing going on with for a lot of the night.

    WIKKID TIMES! Went solo, had a few drinkypoos and let it out like you jus gots to.


  2. Bobby Thrust

    Bobby Thrust TRIBE Member

    It was a good time while I was there too. We went down after our staff party (and watching the Metalheadz video that is wicked) and checked out the scene. Indeed many very attractive women and very sexy beats. I was actually pretty impressed with the clarity of the sound.

    I had never been to the Living Room before and I think that i will probably need to go back!

    Rather, I will need to go back.
  3. Libradragon

    Libradragon TRIBE Promoter

  4. pr0nstar

    pr0nstar TRIBE Member

    Yes... I was a little sad I missed WaTTz & Fiona throwing it down on the 4 decks...
    But I got in about 11ish...

    What a great night...

    And miguel is a little punk, never shows up to the best nights.

    I think he even missed the Kevin Yost PoundHouse party, to this day one of the best events I've been to.

    Hope you enjoyed the pics... I enjoy taking them.

    pr0nstar [​IMG]
  5. miguel

    miguel TRIBE Member

    kenny punk! i've been in exam mode, and was in exam mode that ky night too.. i'll be out at TLR next week for sure.
  6. fleaflo

    fleaflo TRIBE Member

    What a "lovely" nite. I heard one of the Poundhouse crew drop that earlier on in the nite. Free booze, sweet deep house...aaaaaah!

    Congrats to the Poundhouse cru for landing on a sweet, sweet venue and nite.

    Heard the first couple hours of JMK and was in heaven. The music was just amazing.

    I love Sundays.
  7. Libradragon

    Libradragon TRIBE Promoter

  8. pr0nstar

    pr0nstar TRIBE Member

    <homer simpson> It's funny cuz it's true!
  9. miguel

    miguel TRIBE Member

    you guys are punks man!!!!!
  10. HaliBubba

    HaliBubba TRIBE Promoter

    Hey hey... just wanted to let you know that I'm streaming the audio from the JMK jam on Sunday LIVE on our netradio station right now. It should run til about 3:30pm this aft to tune in for some sweet sweet sounds..

  11. rod_g

    rod_g TRIBE Member

    hey! didnt find this thread until now!

    Thanks to all for coming down... it was a blast!

    Coming atcha every Sunday [​IMG]

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