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:::JJ Boogie - Mixed Live @ Metropolis w/ PVD:::


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http://www.groovereactor.com/Live@Metropolis.mp3 (right click save target as)

Cleveland, OH w/ Paul Van Dyk, Edgar V, & Kenneth Thomas

A 60+ minute segment of JJ's set, this set captures the energy and excitement that JJ is known for. Recorded live at the legendary Cleveland night club - Metropolis, with the house microphone over top, you can feel and hear the progression of the crowd as JJ Boogie grabs them and takes them on an electric journey of pure dance music. From some hard disco, to banging techno and on into big-room trance, you can relive the party with the 1500 people that were there that night. Also included in this set, is JJ's anxiously awaited latest production work "This Is My Acid" (an acid techno stomper) played out for the very first time. Enjoy!

1. Fusion 808 - Fascinated By You (Original Mix)
2. Supa Channel - Rock Invasion
3. Antione Clamaran - My Old Piano
4. Metal Blade - Canonball
5. Tortuga - Axe Corner (Dr. Kucho Remix)
6. Fusion 808 - Fascinated By You (Appendix E Mix)
7. Quartz - Plastic Heat
8. JJ Boogie - This Is My Acid
9. Arizona & Greg Murray - Daylight
10. Lolo - Sunset

Stop Bill C-10