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Jiggy Tarsands - The Tropic of Rapricorn [Deep/Disco/House]


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For when the sun is hazy in the sky and those beads of sweat form and threaten to slide down. Let em'. The summer ain't over it yet.



Olin & Savile – Horizon (Good Guy Makesh & Filbert)
Compuphonic - Sunset Feat. Marques Toliver (DJ T. Remix)
Tanner Ross - Frequent Flyer feat. Jules Born
Stephane Deschezeaux – Standing Room
Soul Def – Summer Funk
Mike Salta – Escape From Rico Bay (Drop Out Orchestra)
Nitetime – Teddy’s Jam
Simpson & Behling – AAW
Ponty Mython – It’s Not Right to Die Tonight
Andre Crom - Hypnotizing (Homework NYC '82 Remix)
Tone of Arc – No Pushers
Bonar Bradberry – Loose Grip
Detroit Swindle – Her Song
Bicep & Omar Odyssey – Don’t
Funky Fat & Digitaria – Masochist
Claptone – Night On Fire
Marc Houle – Villain of the Dancefloor Kasper Bjorke – Deep is the Breath (Pillow Talk Feat. Tone of Arc)
Malte Seddig – Collapse of the Disco Queen
Gorge – Changin’
Betoke – Raining Again
Native Underground – Close (Son of Dub)
Maxxi Soundsystem – Into the Future
Crackazat – Book on the Beach
Bunte Bummler – Come Together
Breakbot – One Out Of Two (Oliver Remix)

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Destro Sanchez

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If it sounds like the set you played at Aporkolypse Now, sign me up.

(will DL later, but already know you can mix and I can't wait to jack some of these for my sets)


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Listened to this set at the beach and it had nearby beachgoers grooving on their blankets - well done sire!
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