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Jesus smoked weed!


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That's what Mike Tyson says! :D

He continues;

"If Jesus was here on earth do you think he would love me?"

oh man.....precious.


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There was an interview on one of those sportd channels. 53 or something. He never ceases to amaze me. He should do stand up comedy except maybe with a cage around him so when people start laughing he can't kick there asses..



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i watched that...

what about the part where he talks about stomping on his opponents children's testicles.

or when he talks about "fornicatin' " with the girl interviwing him. she must have been a little worried.

Tyson is crazy.


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It isn't a bad idea, a television show centered around his daily adventures could potentially be as funny as The Osbournes
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Tyson is nuts but he reads Voltaire, machiavelli and Hemmingway and is actually able to tie the literature into his personal life in ways which are not altogehter nonsensical.

If he only learned to control his rage and his psychopathic tendencies either through medication or trips to a shrink, he could be one of the most charismatic, likeable figures in sports. That, however, is no small task



Jesus smoked weed?

what a coinkeedink...that's what im doin this berryliscious moment.

:D :cool: ;) :eek: :confused: :eek: :mad:
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